STI 2011 Factory Stock Grips

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Fits Staccato's:
C2, P, XL, XC
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STI 2011 Factory Stock Grip

Need a spare grip?  Grab your one of kind colored polymer stock grips before they are gone forever!

This STI factory stock grip will fit most 2011 STI models including the Staccato line.  Models included but not limited to are the Staccato C2, Staccato P, Staccato XC, Staccato XL, and STI DVC-C, DVC-P, DVC-L, DVC-3, DVC-O, DVC-S, DVC Omni, DVC Open, DVC Limited, DVC Carry, DVC Limited Island, DVC 3 Gun, Apeiro, Tactical 4.0, Edge, HEX, Eagle, HAWK 5.0, Marauder, HOST, Grand Master, Steel Master, and the infamous Combat Master.

Silver stainless lower screws are included with all factory stock Gen 1 grip orders.

Silver stainless mainspring housing pin is included with all factory stock Gen 1 grip orders.

Please note with the Staccato frames, a Gen 1 mag catch is required if converting to a Gen 1 stock grip product. 


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