Staccato 2011 Tactical Black Grip

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Tactical Black 126mm-LE
Custom Order Item 3 Weeks
Fits Staccato's:
C2, P, XL, XC

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2011 Tactical Black Grip

The Tactical is our most aggressive texture yet!  Get a grip and let it rip in the rain or heat with sweaty palms and you will love how the Tactical texture stays firmly in your grasp.  Featuring a full reduction, custom aggressive stipple texture, and a double undercut trigger guard.  Tactical texture is a game changer and will greatly increase the feel and efficiency of your firearm.  Perfect for a more vigorous, anti-slip firm feel. 

At Extreme Shooters, we believe your grip should not only be high performance with incredible functionality but look and feel amazing.  The Tactical texture will greatly improve your overall control, accuracy, and confidence knowing you have a firm grasp on your firearm in any environment.

Not only do we offer a more aggressive, functional, yet stunning-looking texture, but we also have many options from which to choose so you can truly tailor your grip to suit all your needs.  Enjoy creating the perfect grip that will have you smiling every time you see and touch your Extreme Shooters custom creation.  

Extreme Shooters custom grip products will fit most 2011 STI models including the Staccato line.  Models included but not limited to are the Staccato C2, Staccato P, Staccato XC, Staccato XL, and STI DVC-C, DVC-P, DVC-L, DVC-3, DVC-O, DVC-S, DVC Omni, DVC Open, DVC Limited, DVC Carry, DVC Limited Island, DVC 3 Gun, Apeiro, Tactical 4.0, Edge, HEX, Eagle, HAWK 5.0, Marauder, HOST, Grand Master, Steel Master, and the infamous Combat Master.

Black nitride lower screws are included with all Gen 1 grip orders.

Please note with the Staccato frames, a Gen 1 mag catch is required if upgrading to an Extreme Shooters textured grip product. Or we can simply texture your current Staccato grip and it will slide right back on with all your same existing parts.  Saves money but yet achieves the same great look/feel as you refurbish your existing grip.  See our Service page for details.

Optional Details

Extra Small

Select this option and we will reduce the mainspring housing to its smallest size possible.  This option is perfect if you need just a bit more reduction for an overall smaller grip diameter. Superior fit for medium to small hands.


Select this option and we will do minimal reduction to the grip, and mainspring housing. Additionally, the undercuts will be made slightly larger to allow for larger fingers. This option is great for larger hands and clients seeking a more ergonomic feel. Please note this option will have more texture “bite” since more material is retained on the grip.

Funnel Cut

An additional cut and contouring on the front side of the magazine tunnel allowing for a smoother reloading experience, removing the boxy edges for speed.  Suitable for use with or without a magwell.  Available on the full-sized grips only.

STI or Staccato Grip Removal and Installation Service

Let us do all the work for you!  We remove the grip from the frame, apply our grip reduction and texture.  Finally, we fit your newly textured grip back on your frame, test your mag catch, trigger bow, mainspring housing, and safety’s.  When we ship your firearm back you it will be ready to shoot!  Price includes the cost of expedited shipping and shipping insurance back to your FFL dealer.

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  • 5
    Tactical Grip is AWESOME!

    Posted by Jason D on 15th Sep 2022


  • 4
    Customer review

    Posted by Christine G on 28th Nov 2021

    Minor fitment issues with my magwell, (Cheely), and had to do some grinding, but the overall grip is terrific. It's like having 60 grit grip tape that never wears out! I may purchase another for my other 2011 that is currently using grip tape.

  • 5
    Customer review

    Posted by Joshua L on 20th Aug 2021

    Just wanted to let you know that I shot my monthly match and I went up about 40 spots! The grip is the game changer. Thank you so much.

  • 5
    Customer review

    Posted by Carl on 8th Apr 2021

    I think you guys are a world-class organization and know how to make your customers feel comfortable with their decision to buy your products.

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