How long does it take to receive my new Extreme Shooters hand textured grip?

How do you ship your grips?

Do you ship internationally?

What is Extreme Shooters, LLC shipping address?

Are the DVC Dragon Scales, VIP and Costa Treebark textured grips the same textures that were featured on STI 2011 gun models and some Staccato models?

Which custom texture is more aggressive the DVC/Dragon Scales Stipple or the Costa/Tree Bark?

What is the Costa texture?

What is the Dragon Scales texture?

What models do the 2011 Extreme Shooters DVC/Dragon Scales and Tactical Grip fit on?

*Please note with the new Staccato Frame, a Gen 1 mag catch is required if upgrading to an Extreme Shooters textured grip. The Gen 1 mag catch option is available on each product page.  Or we can simply texture your current Staccato grip and you can utilize all your same parts and save the cost of a new grip.  See our Service tab for more information on how we can upgrade your current grip.

Do Extreme Shooters Custom Hand Textured grips fit the Staccato frame?                                                                                         

Can Extreme Shooters custom hand texture, reduce and/or paint my new Staccato Grip and leave the star visible?

I have a standard STI or Staccato Polymer Grip already, can I send it in for custom texture, reduction and/or paint?

How do I send in my "old" grip for texture, reduction and/or paint service?

If you have a Staccato C, do not attempt to remove the grip from the frame, just send us the lower frame with grip intact, mainspring housing, trigger, and mag catch.  Staccato C owners will need us to supply a copy of our FFL to also place in the shipping box and a copy of your drivers license so please call us BEFORE shipping.

Does Extreme Shooters offer LEO/Military discounts?

How do I send in my frame for the grip frame service and texture package?

What if I want an Extreme Shooters custom hand texture on another grip not listed on your

What is a VIP grip?

What if prefer no sharp point on the double undercut?

Why is there a sharp point on the double undercut?

What if I want a little more or a little less aggression on my texture choice?

Are you able to select the DVC/Dragon Scales Grip color options for the Costa/Tree Bark Grip?

Do you offer custom colors or options that are not on your website?

Do you offer solid color options?

Do you offer any other colors for the 2011 Grip Screw Kit?

Are there any screws included with my Extreme Shooters 2011 grip order?

Is gunsmithing required to install my new grip?

Will the trigger just "drop-in" to my new Extreme Shooters grip?

If I complete the conversion on my Staccato to a Gen 1 grip, will my Gen 2 magazines fit the Gen1 grip?

Does the Gen Staccato 2 mag catch fit the Gen 1 STI/Staccato grip?

Do you offer any Extreme Shooters Hats or T-Shirts?

Will the Red Dirt USA Staccato Triggers fit in the Gen 1 STI frame?

Was the Extreme Shooters 2011 DVC Grip in the John Wick 3 movie?

Have you been featured in other shows/movies?

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