MJD Blank 2011 Grip

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Factory Blank MJD 2011 Grip

This double stack 2011 grip is designed to fit both the STI gen 1 and Staccato gen 2 frames. This a gunsmith fit part, and offers a host of improvements over its gen 1 predecessor.  Experience unparalleled strength without any added weight, thanks to the proprietary material. Made from a combination of Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, and GF Nylon, ensures durability and reliability.  The gen 1 mag release counterbore is thoughtfully engineered, allowing flush fitting adjustment for your current mag release.

The grip features a single undercut and straight trigger guard with an integrated magwell with funnel cut, providing enhanced performance that can be further amplified by fitting a magwell. Designed with versatility in mind, the grip boasts a sleek micro-textured surface with a blank design, allowing you the freedom to express your creativity to stipple, cnc, laser engrave, or even add silicon carbide for a personalized touch to truly make it your own.  See our Extreme Shooters customized options available for this grip and let your imagination run wild.

This grip will fit most 2011 STI models including the Staccato line.  Models included but not limited to are the Staccato C2, Staccato P, Staccato XC, Staccato XL, and STI DVC-C, DVC-P, DVC-L, DVC-3, DVC-O, DVC-S, DVC Omni, DVC Open, DVC Limited, DVC Carry, DVC Limited Island, DVC 3 Gun, Apeiro, Tactical 4.0, Edge, HEX, Eagle, HAWK 5.0, Marauder, HOST, 1911DS Prodigy, Grand Master, Steel Master, and the infamous Combat Master.

Please note with the Staccato frames, a Gen 1 mag catch is required if upgrading to this grip product. Or we can simply texture your current Staccato grip and it will slide right back on with all your same existing parts.  Saves money but yet achieves the same great look/feel as you refurbish your existing grip.  See our Service page for details.

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