Competition Magnetic Mag Pouch

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This is for 1.5” Competition Belt


Introducing a slim and powerful magnetic mag pouch by Red Hot Precision.

Reduce bulk on the belt, while retaining the full power of the 46mm strong Neodymium Magnet. Utilizing a removable back strap made of 304 Stainless it’s thin and rigid allowing you to install anywhere on your belt without having to remove an existing accessory, and blocks minimal Velcro area.


Magnetic pouch includes a magnet cover to keep it clean and help prevent sticking to other metal objects.


Features Include:

-200lb Pull weight - Great for fully loaded 140mm and 170mm mags

-304 Stainless Steel Hardware

-20mm Attachment to belt

-Durable Additive Manufacturing Material

-Made in the USA


Due to the manufacturing process layer lines, and certain artifacts may be visible as this is not injection molded.


WARNING!!! This is a powerful magnet, so please keep away from all electronics such as phones, tablets, computers pacemakers, and credit cards etc. Additionally don’t put your fingers between the magnet and a metal surface to prevent injury.


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