Steel Standard L2 Grip Kit with DLC

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Cheely Standard L2 Grip Kit With DLC

This is the Steel L2 Grip Kit for 2011 pattern pistols. (STI, Stacatto, SVI, SA Prodigy, etc.) The kit includes the grip, a drilled and tapped mag release, mainspring housing and black stainless tactical magwell.  Does not come with grip safety.

We have done the hard work of having the grip, mainspring housing, mainspring housing pin and complete magazine release coated in DLC.  This provides added scratch, and wear resistance along with improved durability. 

The L2 Standard Texture Kit resembles "tire tread" and is a very comfortable crisp grip. Includes a double undercut trigger guard, drilled and tapped magazine release, mainspring housing and black stainless tactical magwell. Optimum for OWB carry with an incredible textured feel.  Not too aggressive, but more bite than our Dragon Scale polymer grip.

We understand that many of our clients have a desire to fully customize their firearm.  To help achieve this, we introduced color options to give each grip a truly unique look.  Pick from the list of color options, and if you don't see one listed in the notes you can reference any of our other color/patterns available on website.  All grips are custom hand-painted, no two grips are identical, and each grip will naturally vary slightly from the other.  Each is painted with a Duracoat finish and then treated with a satin clear coat for a superior anti-slip finish.

Please note that if you choose a paint upgrade it will extend the turnaround time from 1-3 business days to approximately 3-4 weeks.

Cheely Grip Details

Cheely Grip weight comparison with mainspring housing:

Stainless: 12.8oz
Aluminum: 4.7oz
Polymer: 2.8oz

Cheely black tactical magwell is included with this kit.  STI/Stacatto style magwells will not work with this grip.

Low profile magazine basepads with this grip are recommended (MBX, TTI, etc), depending on tolerances some very tall basepads may contact the magwell insert.

*Cheely grips are recommended to be installed by a proficient 2011 Gunsmith.

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