2011 Display Stand

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Extreme Shooters 2011 Firearm Stand

Whether you are cleaning your firearm, organizing your gun safe, or simply just showing off your new upgrades this is the firearm stand for you.  We choose a more robust approach with higher infill and a two-piece design to maximize strength and rigidity of all components.  This gives the stand more weight, and better balance when your firearm is resting on it.  The post has been designed to match the geometry, profile, and look of a 1911DS/2011 magazine, so your firearm is not swinging around on a generic universal post.  This stand will accommodate multiple sized firearms from a small C2 up to a full sized open gun with a magwell. 

Made right here in the USA even down to the materials we source.  Quality is important, but so is durability.  This stand uses PETG so if it is out in the heat of a garage it will hold up and not become soft or warp.  The two-piece design connecting the post to the base gets rid of a common weak spot found on other 3D printed stands especially if you have a front heavy firearm such as an open division 2011.


  • 304 Stainless Hardware
  • Robust & Durable Construction
  • Brass Inserts
  • American Made Filament
  • Two-Piece Design
  • Easy Setup


This is a 3D printed part, so layer lines and minimal artifacts may be found due to the printing process.  These are all visual and do not affect function.

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